Tuesday, April 16, 2013

#8 Fraserview Branch

Fraserview Branch
1950 Argyle Drive

I pretty much only go to this library when I go and checkout the nearby Value Village. I mean, it's so far south! Anyway, I'd gone to this one a while ago and...forgot what I'd borrowed from it, or done there. So since my friend and I were checking out the nearby thrift store anyway (we failed to find anything), I proposed we go to the library as well.

So we got bubble tea (mine was a sesame seed slush with pearls) and headed down, only to discover that it was closed! Nooooooooo. This is why I don't like Mondays.

(And woah, apparently that song is about school shootings, I had no idea.)

Anyway, this turned out to be blessing in disguise as I got to take the following amazing photo of the book drop inside the library's front door.

Holy crap! That is a huge pile of books, DVDs, and other stuff. Is that really the best way to have people return things? Also, is that the normal amount of stuff that's piled up by Monday afternoon? Cause that's kind of awesome if that much stuff is being returned on days when the library is closed. Though I weep for the physical well-being of those items.

I also found something else awesome! Right outside the drop box (next to the sign asking people not to put donations through the slot or leave them outside), I found a bundle of magazines and comics someone didn't want! Most of them were old and boring, and while I debated taking at least one of the decade old video game magazines, I decided not to, and instead took the following two French language graphic novels (BD).  

Lucky Luke! The most popular French comic to never really get any amount of popularity in English speaking countries. (ie. I've never read any of it. I know some of it's available in English. And maybe it's really huge in, like, India, they published 24 volumes of it in English there in 2009.)

Sophie! I have no idea who this is, and as far as I can tell none of it has ever been translated into English. Anyway, I'm super pumped to "read" both of these. The Sophie book has a dinosaur!

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