Tuesday, April 9, 2013

#12 Kerrisdale Branch

Kerrisdale Branch
2112 West 42 Avenue

Up to this point I've been posting about branches in the order I visited them, but it's been a while since I updated this blog (stupid school), and even longer since I've actually been in some of these places, so let's move ahead to the most recent branch I've visited (don't worry, I'm still going to write about every branch).

Recently for a class project I headed to the Kerrisdale branch of the VPL to pick up a reference book (a copy of the Essential Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe, required for any reference library that needs to tell you about early '80s Marvel characters, sometimes library school is great). So I typed the address into Google Maps and got on a bus only to find out that I was nowhere near where the library actually was. I started walking and about fifteen minutes (and one confused friend that I was txting trying to help me and failing) later I found the branch.

So why was this branch so hard to find? Because Google Maps has _SIX_ different locations mapped for this branch's address.

Look at that shit! Two of those locations are 3.5 kilometres away from each other! How the hell has this site fucked up so badly? (For the record the "1" on the map is the actual correct address with the same postal code as the VPL site, but "2" is closer to where the branch actually is located.) To add to the confusion the library is in the basement of the Kerrisdale Community Centre, a building with a completely different address entirely. It's on a different street!

Anyway, after walking for a while (and 42nd Avenue literally ceasing to exist at least twice) I finally found a building with a bookdrop outside. This had to be it! I went inside, went down some steps, and finally found it! Thankfully the book I was looking for was still on the shelf. And while you may not think that there's much demand for reference material about the Marvel universe, the other Official Handbook the library has in their catalogue is missing, while the Marvel Atlas has been in transit for at least two weeks. Where is it? The assignment is finished and we never got to see a copy and now I'm just curious.

The branch itself is fine. About the only thing I remember about it is that they had a shelf of books (all advanced reader copies) that people could take home without checking out. There was a sign telling people that they could write or draw in the books, and to please bring them back. Kind of reminds me of another library school project I've worked on...

Here's the final version of the reference guide we created for the (fictional) UBC Comic Book Club. I designed the cover to look like a comic book, and then laid out the contents on comic book sized pages. It looks fucking awesome! Totally the best looking assignment I have ever passed in. While the interior is just words, I did make a pretty awesome PowerPoint presentation that was a fumetti comic for class for this assignment. I can add "taking photos for a photocomic" to the list of things I didn't think I'd be doing in library school but have ended up doing (also on the list: using a power sander, painting things, agreeing to run RPGs).

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