Thursday, April 25, 2013

#1 Britannia Branch

1661 Napier Street

So a while ago, when I still had classes to go to and assignments to do, I submitted one of them as a PDF. This turned out to be not what the professor or the TA wanted and I was asked to resubmit as a Word file (while this may have been mentioned in class at some point it was not in the assignment requirements). Fine, easy right? Except my computer was broken. And I didn't actually save a version of the final assignment that wasn't a PDF. (I'm a super genius.)

So I headed off to this library to try to recreate the assignment and submit it as a Word file. Thankfully one of the computers became free soon after I got there, and after too much time I was able to recreate the assignment and resubmit it. (So much formatting...)

As for the library itself the address may say Napier Street, but it's really located off Commercial Drive. Looking at this on Google Maps it appear that at some point Napier Street was blocked off and replaced with a pedestrian walk way with a bunch of trees. Awesome! Except Google thinks you can still drive down that road. That's the second time on this blog that the all powerful Google has been wrong. Well, you know what that means? No webgods, no webmasters!

There are also these robots outside this library! Of course, they do raise a question: if the robot on the right is wearing clothes, does that mean that the one on the left is naked?

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