Tuesday, June 25, 2013

#20 Strathcona Branch

592 East Pender Street

So after the Carnegie Branch had almost no children's books, this branch was almost entirely kids books! That is more than likely because the branch is actually inside a school. When I visited it was during lunch time, and the library (and everywhere really) was filled with kids. Which was pretty cool. 

At the same time that meant that there wasn't really that much for me to check out library-wise, and it wasn't really a great place to just go and hang out. (For a variety of reasons...)

I did discover VPL's strategic plan for 2013-2015. Sure, it's just a bunch of buzzwords and stuff, but it looks nice at least? I do wonder how useful it is for library's to make videos like this to put online. I mean, less than 500 people have watched this in the more than two months it's been on youtube. 

Anyway, across the street from this library is the Chinese Community Library Services Association, which I didn't even know existed! Of course, their website is entirely in Chinese, so I have no idea what services they actually offer. They were open on the day I passed by and there seemed to be lots of books and some people inside, so that's neat!

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