Thursday, June 20, 2013

#2 Carnegie Branch

401 Main Street

Woah, have I really only done one update this entire month? I have been slacking like hell in June apparently. Anyway I went to visit this branch last week and for those that don't know, it's located in the Downtown East Side (DTES) of Vancouver, an area know as the poorest postal code in Canada. There are a large number of poor, homeless, and addicted people in this area, but that means that there are also lots of services available for them.

That includes a library! It's inside the Carnegie Centre, which offers a variety of services I'm not really familiar with other than the library. I do know that the library has the longest hours of any branch in town (10am-10pm every day of the week), and that they also suffer from a high theft rate. That might be why I don't remember seeing a graphic novel section in the library. Apparently you can find people outside blatantly selling DVDs stolen from the VPL. Also interesting was the fact that their children's section was the smallest I think I've seen in any library.

One neat thing was that the offered photocopies of daily newspaper crosswords and other puzzles. I'd dragged along a friend who told me that at the library they used to work at they had the crossword section of the newspaper go missing all the time until they'd started putting a theft deterrent sticker _on_ the crossword. That means that nobody could do the crossword! The system at Carnegie seems to make a whole lot more sense.

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