Tuesday, June 11, 2013

#14 Marpole Branch

8386 Granville Street

This branch is so far south! I mean, I didn't even realize that the street numbers went up that high (68th) until a couple of months ago. So the only reason I ever came to this branch is because of this blog, and even then I had to send a hold there so I'd actually go. Thankfully the hold showed up and now I have some excellent terrible early '90s X-Men comics to read. Great!

The branch seemed to have a pretty good graphic novel section overall, but the most important thing was the thrift store right next store! I found an apparently never used copy of the board game Super Dungeon Explore for $5! I can't wait to play! After I finish putting together all the models that are inside. Gluing stuff....

One of the signs said that the library (and the neighbourhood I guess) was named after Richard Marpole. I was curious as to who he was, so I looked him up. Check out that beard!

Three libraries left!

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