Tuesday, May 14, 2013

#7 Firehall Branch

1455 West 10th Avenue 

While you can't see it in this photo this branch is actually in the same building as a fire station! Neat! I would have taken a picture if there had been any fire trucks outside, but alas on the day I visited there were none.

Instead you'll have to deal with some of the pictures that were on the side of the non-fiction shelves inside.

This one brings to the library patrons' attention the thin line between religion and mythology. I think it's kind of interesting that the mythology section is so much bigger.

This picture shows the type of things I tend to like reading about, and I've probably looked up dinosaurs, aliens, monsters, and submarines in encyclopedias before. Hell, I've probably read encyclopedias about many of those subjects. (And while I may never have read a submarine encyclopedia, I do have a book about Zeppelins on my shelf just waiting to be read.)

Also, I've just wasted like half an hour trying (and failing) to track down a sample in an electroswing mix (it's something Balkan I think, but beyond that I dunno....). So this seems like a good time to post this killer video that talks about sampling. Also, I have no idea what went wrong with the font.

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