Thursday, May 23, 2013

#10 Joe Fortes Branch

870 Denman Street

The most Northerly branch of the VPL is pretty small. However, on the afternoon when I went it was filled with people! In fact when I briefly sat down to use a computer I was next to the reference librarian on duty who was constantly being asked questions, and having to tell people that he'd help them as soon as possible, but there were multiple people ahead of them in line waiting for help!

(Of course most of that help seemed to be "I'm old and don't understand computers" or "I'm young and don't understand computers", but I'm sure there was some other advice given out too!)

I didn't actually borrow anything from this library, but while there I did discover a Magic: The Gathering novel in the discard section. I told my friend (who I play Magic with) about this, and she was so confused/excited by this that she promised me that she would read it no matter how bad it was.

However, I checked out what other Magic the Gathering novels the library had, and they were all in the central branch. So I went over there and ended up getting confused as the difference between the fantasy section and the "adult paperback" (or something) section, which was right next to it, and not catalogued at all. I found it kind of weird that the library had a section of books that were available to borrow, but weren't in the system so you could only find them by physically looking at the shelves. (The one I actually got out is in the system as "Adult Paperback (2010)", and the library has 452 copies. I should just start putting holds on it to see what actually shows up.) I got a Magic novel out for my friend, and I'll be sure to update you once she finishes reading it.

Anyway, back to Joe Fortes, I took this photo of their Spanish book collection that I thought was funny. And it wasn't just the top shelf, all the books on that bookcase were in Chinese. I'm not sure where their Spanish language books are.

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