Thursday, March 21, 2013

a few good places to read a book (in vancouver)

- in a lounge chair at Our Town Cafe
- Pacific Central Station, pretending you're waiting for a train to take you away
- leaning on a log at English Bay, in the sunshine
- on the grass at Trout Lake (maybe a friendly puppy will visit you)
- Habitat Island; you can look up every once in a while to watch the aqua ferry take tourists to and fro
- in the window corner of the fireplace area at Mount Pleasant Branch

runner up: in a one-er seat on the right side of the bus (you know, the kind where nobody's sitting beside you to potentially sneak glances at what you're reading. I'm not ashamed of my reading material or anything like that; I just feel weird reading when a stranger is sitting beside me, not reading)

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