Saturday, March 2, 2013

#21 Terry Salman Branch

Terry Salman Branch
4575 Clancy Loranger Way

This is the second library I've visited that didn't exist last time I lived in Vancouver, it replaced one that used to be on Main Street. The first time I visited it I had no idea where it was! I got off a bus somewhere in the dark, walked around until I found it, picked up a book, then went back and got on another bus.

The second time I went with my friend, and we approached by foot and I figured out where I'd actually been. I also saw some of the many other features that are available in the Hillcrest Community Centre.

There's a swimming pool, an ice skating rink, and a bunch of other things, including a cafe place to get ice cream (the reason my friend and I went to the library in the first place). It's my friend's favourite library because it's near her house. Apparently she goes and bugs her favourite librarian about library school stuff all the time.

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