Tuesday, February 12, 2013

#18 Renfrew Branch

Renfrew Branch
2969 East 22nd Avenue

I didn't intend for this to be the first branch I visited, but a series of events happened (as they tend to do), and so this was the first library to go on the blog.

Someone had posted that ValueVillage was having a 50% off sale the next day. Exciting! Except that you now need a membership card of some sort to take advantage of the sales, and they don't issue those the day of sales so I had to get one in advance. I filled out the application form I found on their website and checked to see which libraries were open that day.

Sadly, the library near the ValueVillage was not open, and neither was the one closest my house, but this one was. It is nearish to my house, but not in an area I would ever go. Or so I thought. Once I showed up I realized that I'd actually been to this library before. Years ago I'd been to the Renfrew Park Community Complex which is located directly next door (or maybe actually connected) to this library for a job interview or something. My memory is hazy, but I'm reasonably sure I went into this library, probably to look at comics.

And that is what I did here again! I looked through their graphic novel collections, borrowed the Return of King Doug (I didn't think it was that good), and managed to print off the membership application form after asking at the reference desk where the printers were located.

Of course, I didn't even buy anything at the thrift store in the sale, though I guess at least my friend managed to get a discount on some stuff.

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