Tuesday, February 19, 2013

#16 Oakridge Branch

Oakridge Branch
191 - 650 West 41st Avenue

Some of the branches in Vancouver can be a little hard to find if you don't already know where they are. The Oakridge Branch is located in the Oakridge Centre, a mall/shopping centre. Except, you can't actually get into it from inside the mall as the entrance is outside. And as the entrance is way around the back facing a vast tundra of parking lots it seems like some people might end up wandering around the mall wondering where this library actually is.

I missed the tour that one of the student groups in my program organized (I had class or something), but I've still managed to go to this library twice. Once I met up with some fellow students who had ventured to the horrors of the maul mall to try to buy things (the Lego store is neat!), and I went here so I could print off my ticket to the electro swing dance party I was going to that night.

This is also the library where I asked a reference question for one of my assignments! I asked the reference librarian how I could check out the ebook versions of comics I heard the library had available. The librarian didn't know, but they knew how to find out the information.

Anyway, there are ebooks of comics available here (hopefully that link works) on the VPL website, or try searching around on the BCLibraries site. You might have to click around a bit, as the comics aren't very well organized and there are a bunch of picture books mixed in with them.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to check out any of them as I'm running Linux on my computer, which is incompatible with the software needed to download the files. Boo.

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  1. whoa I never knew there was a library there! And I went to Oakridge mall for yarn (also, thanks for the tip on that) the day after value village! To do.